Oh, so you're a Librarian?

Two Archivists Taking on the world

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When we started our little nerdy-archives-jokes tumblr, we figured we’d amuse ourselves and maybe a couple of our coworkers and classmates. So we’re rather pleased and definitely astonished to announce that we just hit 1,000 followers!

In honor of that, we’re launching a short series of posts about the things we never expected to find ourselves doing in the library/archives. We’d love it if you’d submit your own “they didn’t teach this in library school” or “what I am doing right now” moments…we’ll post them on OSYAL (along with a gif, perhaps?) under the tags #didn’tseethatcoming and #thingstheydontteachinlibraryschool

Thanks to all 1,000 of you for being as nerdy as we are :-)



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the-library-owl asked: Is your avatar picture the librarian from The Philadelphia Story? I love you.

It is! Good eye :-)